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"Zen Phatthon" was born, ready to make everyone dance with new songs. "Can I come bac
[Image: aHR0cHM6Ly9zLmlzYW5vb2suY29tL2pvLzAvdWQv...QuanBn.jpg]
It is another record label that continuously delivers results for the Spicydisc camp, because after last year it launched a new freshman like pnv. Kwan Dee (seenapat), another new artist out of the box, another product from the contest stage from the 12th Melody Of Life event, comes with the first single with "Can you come back?"
"Come back?" Is a R&B pop style song that is the story of a slow-conscious person. And when losing her lover, he could only beg her to come back. Even though I don't know whether the ending will be Happy Ending or Z-Ending Still insists on doing this By making this song Also received a senior in the camp like Tao-Jane Manopinivet (MILD guitarist) as a producer, helping to enhance C's music to be more sharp and become the first single for everyone to listen to.
The music video's storyline tells a couple of men and women living in the same apartment to see each other every day, but nothing is more special. Until when men gather their courage to confess their hearts, they find that the famous woman has passed away. In which C has also starred in the MV
In which C briefly described the work, “First of all, I would like to allow myself to officially introduce myself to everyone again. I am C-Naphatthon Kwandi, a freshman from Spicydisc. To have listened to the song "Can you come back?" For this song, after becoming an official artist, it has entered the process of working on a song seriously. Because C usually wrote lyrics and music all by  บทความสล็อตออนไลน์ himself, but when he came into being an artist, Spicydisc still made music by himself. But got elder Tao Let's help enhance C's song to be even more sharp and become the first single that has been heard. As for the music video, when I first learned that I had to play it, I was excited because it was the first time I had to perform. But when I have taken many The scene began to catch the way, making the filming going well. Finally, I would like to leave everyone to listen to the music. And watch a lot of this music video "

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