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Full Version: Studies suggest that Facebook shows users job ads that vary by gender.
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Researchers at the University of แจ็คพอตแตกง่าย Southern California found that Facebook displayed disproportionate levels of different job ads for men and women. In testing the researchers conducted late last year, they determined that men were more likely to see job ads for delivery driver roles at Domino's Pizza or software engineering jobs at NVIDIA, while women listed. Disproportionately equivalent location at Instacart and Netflix.Studies suggest that there is a high chance 
that Facebook will show users employment ads if their gender identity aligns with certain industries or jobs that people of that gender are more prevalent.The researchers write that Facebook is "a platform where algorithms learn and amplify the differences that exist in employee demographics." Advertised for their jobs, followed by a LinkedIn recommendation, the researchers found no signs of recruitment ads displayed disproportionately based on gender identity.This article questions Facebook's efforts to reduce system bias, "We have taken meaningful steps to address the issue of ad discrimination and have 
the team work on ad fairness today." A Facebook spokeswoman told The Wall Street Journal.Facebook has faced problems in the past with discriminatory advertising.In 2019, the Department of Housing and Urban Development sued Facebook for violating the Fair Housing Act.HUD said Facebook enabled housing discrimination through. Advertising targeting, the company settled the lawsuit.Meanwhile, this week, Facebook announced an AI-generated dataset asking people to share their age and gender. The goal is to create a fairer data set that can help reduce AI bias.