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Full Version: Will 19 July unlocking gamble pay off or backfire?
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Nearly all remaining Covid restrictions are coming to an end. But with infection rates and hospital admissions already rising sharply, it is a significant gamble. One expert likens what is being done to taking the "control rods out of a nuclear reactor".

"This is going to make things worse than they are now and we don't know when it will peak," says Loughborough University data analyst Dr Duncan Robertson.  pgslot

And that in many ways goes to the heart of the issue.

This is our first "natural wave" of Covid - all the others have been brought to an end through lockdown and restrictions. The plan is for this one to exhaust itself. So predicting what will happen is much more difficult.

The move has been given the personal backing of chief medical officer Prof Chris Whitty and a number of the scientists advising him. Infection rates were always going to rise at this stage of the roadmap - more mixing means it is easier for the virus to spread.

But with significant levels of immunity from vaccination and natural infection the hope is spread of the virus will be brought under control in the coming weeks.